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Thaos and the master machine at endgame

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I'm refreshing the interesting plot of PoE1 and we know that Thaos was trying to use the accumulated souls in the master machine to strengthen Woedica against the other gods, and, why he tried to do this? What would happen in the Eastern Reach if Thaos would have succesfully activated the machine?


Thanks in advance

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Woedica would've gained a lot of power and took her "rightful place" back, subduing the other gods and everybody who has ever trespassed against her will. She has very backwards, archaic rules.


You can even give it to her at the end and become her new champion. I really wonder if that will have any significance in PoE 2.

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I doubt they'd be affected immediately. It could easily be argued that the Gods operate on a different scale and time and that Woedica would need decades (in human time) to fully reach her new potential - some of the ending cards kinda allude to this, in that the only change the inhabitants of Dyrwood notices in the aftermath, is that a statue of Woedica changes (her crown restored)... 


Or it could be immediate, but she would simply usurp her throne and keep the other gods in check - and they don't really meddle in the affairs of peasants and ordinary folk. But I imagine that those who pray to Woedica would feel a difference.

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