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I expect we will be able to influence Eothas' ultimate response to being killed and reconstituted, though. That kind of trauma's bound to open up the possibility for a portfolio shift.

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Alright, let's do this! <cracks knuckles>


- I expect to enjoy combat a lot more this time. I am also 100% certain that my Ranger/Cipher multiclass will be terrible and underperform dramatically, but I want it for RP reasons so I will suffer through it no matter what. But that won't matter too much since my wolf companion (and his new animations) will be the bestest thing ever! :w00t:


- I will miss Durance, because he was awesome. I don't think old companions outside of the trio will play much of a role in Deadfire, but I do expect some cameos or proper mentions at least.


- I have high hopes regarding the companions, not only for romance but simply for being way more active, chatting with both the Watcher and each other. Although I have tried to temper my expectations in this regard, I fear OBS might fall short on that end because I really want the companions to feel alive and that might not be possible on a regular development budget, so my expectations might be a little unfair. ;)


- I am 100% certain that the romance option I'd like the most for my Watcher will not work out, because then I will be pleasantly surprised if it miraculously does!


- I expect to like so many of the new companions that I will agonize over who to put in my party and have to switch them all the time to try and get all their dialogue and finish their quests in the most efficient way, and it will annoy me to no end that I cannot have them all in my party at once and OBS even forces me to choose. :p


- I fully expect to detest the gods of Eora even more after this game than I already do, but I bet Eothas will make such a convincing case at the end about whatever plan he has I will actually go along with it, even though I have detested him all the time up to this point, too.


- I expect to love the music, sound design and new environments, even though I'd prefer a pretty forest to our new tropical setting. Lighting and weather effects will awe me on a regular basis.


- I will probably not like ship combat that much but will learn to love it with a bit more experience.


- It will take me forever to see everything, and to actually finish the game.


All in all, I suspect to like Deadfire a lot more than Pillars 1, and I will replay it regularly in the years to come!

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If Baldur’s Gate 2 is anything to go by, we might well become something akin to a god at some point or at the very least have the option to ascend.

On a funnier note, if I do not have the option to self-destruct Berath by telling her she cannot be the incarnation of Life and Death if she is only immortal, I’ll be somewhat disappointed :p

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