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Just liek it says on the Tin. 


Which seems more viable.  Since druid spells are VERY slow. There are few bonus's to reduce caster speed in a meaningful way. 


Which seems more viable? ; 


High speed/recovery to toss out spells quickly with precsion. Yes I know you can move spells but too often that isn't enough.




Massive strength and Large AoE with minimal recovery?


Regardless it seems a Druid Tank with Armor Shield  Deflection etc doesn't seem viable anymore if you want to use spells in a meaningful way.


Yes I know there are Druid build posts out there but non with current/last beta build.




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Why not try to balance both out? with a bit more focus on Might/INT


you can set CON to 8 and RES/PER to 10


maybe a stat spread like this


M 16

C 8

D 16

P 10

I 18

R 10


INT is probably most important here (Duration and AOE size) and a balance between casting speed and damage.

Picking up Rapid Casting would help a lot too.


I'd set PER and RES to 10 because casting speed is more important here, but you don't want terrible accuracy or to be too squishy either.

CON to 8 if you're not gonna tank anything at the front.

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You can use alchemy and potions to reduce action time and recovery time. Potion of Deftness for example makes you very fast with a high Alchemy skill.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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