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Ship Crew Injuries



Not really a bug, but :


I played through the beta where the goal was only to make all the Ship to Ship Encounters.

So I did that, but the "problem" occurs when your Crew is injured.

  • Sometimes they're injured for 18 Days.
  • In the beta, your Ship has 3 or 4 Slots where you can put your Injured Crew for your Surgeon to Heal, while other Injured Crew Members have to wait.
  • So it can be reeeeaaalllyy looooongggg. :lol: 18 days to Heal 4 Members, switch over 4 other Injured Members, another 18 days wandering around, so on & so forth.
  • I found myself wandering around & around on the World Map, waiting for these days to pass. You can 't do anything else in the meantime, [because time has to go by]

When you set yourself to "chain-fight" those ship to ship encounters, it can take a looonnnng time between two encounters if many Crew Members are Injured. [Around 15-20min+, can't remember]


I don't know if you wanna address this, and I wonder if that's because there was not much left to do aside, in the beta, & that we don't have many "Reserved Crew Members" to switch for.

But anyway, still had to find a way to make these waiting-days pass by.


All I'm saying is that it can break the Game experience quite heavily. Maybe setting a maximum number of days being injured, like a week or so.

Or something new to Power-Heal Injured Crew. 


I don't know, just throwing this here, Give it a try & you'll see what I'm talking about.  :thumbsup:



PS : Beta is uninstalled at the moment, [i'm ready for the Real Deal], but I just thought.... Does resting in an Inn, cures your Ship Crew aswell ?

I admitt I didn't think about that, maybe it works ! If so, there's no problem beside mentionning this a little bit more Clearer to the player.


Thanks !


Edit : I have to say though, that if you got something like 8 Crew Members Injured for many days, it will cost you something like ~400 Medical Supplies to buy.  :lol:

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