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That's a good question. I know your choices from the end of PoE carry over (with regard to your companions, etc). I'd like to think that ones that completed WM there would be some additional side-quests or characters in Deadfire that reference what you did.

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Yes, Josh said if you played White March dlc of PoE1, your consequences follow over.

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Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?


What are you still bothering me for? I'm a Knight. I'm not interested in your childish games. I need my rest.


Begone! Lest I draw my nail...

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Check https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ReturntoCaedNua


There are five WM decisions included. I was about to list them, but needless to step into spoiler greyzone territory. Just get through the survey and you'll find them at the end. Obsidian themselves posted it.

Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.
Waukeen's Berth: Make all your basic purchases at Queen's Berth.
Nemnok's Congregation: Lets all priests express their true faith.

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