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Will there be a way to get the Guidebook and Pillars of Eternity Pen & Paper Starter Guide when the game comes out?

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I'm about halfway through with pillars of eternity and I love it. Unfortunately now it's too late for me to back. I assume I'll be able to buy the guidebook somewhere but will I be able to get the pen and paper starter when it comes out or is that backer exclusive? 

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I'm pretty sure Josh didn't develop the P&P version just as a bonus item - I think he intends it to be usable (and therefore saleable) for P&P campaigns.  It's a little different from the in-(PC)-game mechanics (last I heard it used a classless system).

Whether the 'Starter' book will be available I don't know, but I can't imagine it not being at some point.


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You should think about something:

When I got PoE1 I also bought the guidebook.

Over time there were tons of patches and two big expansions (white march 1+2).

So much of the stuff in the book will be wrong sooner than later.

PoE2 will get tons of patches and and some expansions too.

If they did already print the book, several things will be wrong at release probably.


I have backed the game and I get the game + book  + some other things (all digitally), but I would not believe everything in it.

The wiki for PoE1 is also outdated in some points and its hard to tell which parts are correct and which are not.

If you want to be sure about game mechanics and class abilities, look in this forum and ask the experts, like Boeroer and MaxQuest.


Anyway, I prefer a relatively bugfree and balanced game with a wrong guidebook over a buggy hell of a game with a guidebook that describes all bugs correctly.

Dear devs, please give the game as many patches as you want. Just try to fix more bugs than introducing new ones.

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The guidebook is lore related not a strategy guide  :)


It also seems that the price of the first guidebook plummeted, at least on amazon.it, time to buy it.

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