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New method for rolling dice. Feedback?


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Cool, can you give me links? I only found a fallout game using d20.

I don't have any links... other than to the Fallout game manual.



If I understand it... Certain situations can impose a difficulty penalty that subtracts from the character's maximum skill proficiency, such that they make the skill roll at their proficiency —minus the penalty (if any). Fallout's skill levels can be as high as 150%; (as high as 300% in Fallout 2). So if the skill were at 120%, and the situation had a penalty of -40%, then the roll is made at 80% proficiency.


Success is capped at 95%; the points above 95% are strictly for negating any penalties. If the penalty was -10%, with 120% skill, that would leave 110%, but the roll would still be done at 95%, —because thats the highest allowed chance for success.


Skill penalties can come from unusual difficulty, distance, the level of light (as opposed to darkness) in the area, to even the game settings themselves... Easy mode will add a bonus to skill rolls, and hard mode will add a penalty to them.


This is how it appears to work... Of course someone who has examined the innards of the game might have a more precise (or even contrary?) explanation.

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