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Getting doubles of a lot of cards that shouldn't have doubles



So, I recently started a new game with the following team (RotR game)

(Sunwrought) Kyra




Ezren (scholar)


So, after playing for a few times (and losing because I had crap rolls) I noticed that there were extra of cards that shouldn't have doubles.

So far I've seen extra for 

Returning Throwing Axe

Shalelu Andosana

Cure (more than there is suppose to be, although IMHO, never have too many cures)



Wondered if anyone else is having this problem?

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Gallery, aka vault. In the tabletop version of the game we have fysical game box, in the app the game box is called wault or collection based on situation.

And because the vault is digital it does not have to apply the laws of physical. So it can contain more cards than there ”actually” Are ;)

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