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Concelhaut's Visage preventing other figurines from working



I don't know if this has been reported or not, but I couldn't find anything after a few searches.



After using Concelhaut's Visage in combat, I am no longer able to summon other figurines after he is killed.  Possibly related, he appears as a lootable dead enemy when killed in combat (though this body disappears after combat ends).  When I click on another figurine, nothing happens.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Load the saved game attached, then initiate combat with nearby Bog Acolytes.  Summon Concelhaut's Visage and allow him to die.  Attempt to summon another figurine.


Output Log:



Saved Game:



You'll have to rest first, as I already used him (I'm also out of camping supplies.  Sorry, this was an ironman run so I don't have a previous and more convenient save).


Bonus Bug:

The description of Concelhaut's Visage says he lasts for 20 seconds, however in my experience he lasts until killed or the end of combat.  As do the tentacles summoned by bog acolytes.  I feel like the kid who says "You forgot about the homework!" even reporting this.





30 seconds of both summons just standing around, to show that they don't disappear.

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