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OS X Various issues on BB Update 4



Random issues I have had while playing on my 2017 IMac.


1: I have the dock and menu bar auto-hidden at all times on my Mac. In the Deadfire BB, while playing in both full screen and borderless full screen, when I move the mouse to the top or bottom of the screen to move the camera, the menu bar and the dock, respectively, pop up. This doesn’t happen with any other game in full screen.


2. In character creation, when I click on a voice for my character, I don’t get a preview. I also don’t hear any “shouts” from my character or any of the B.B. companions in-game. I swear I have heard voices and shouts in some of the B.B. LPs I’ve seen on twitch and YouTube. I have checked to make sure that voice frequency and all sound options in the menu are at 100.


3. I don’t think the Cipher spell Amplified Thrust works. It hits the target companion but doesn’t appear to bounce to the nearest enemy, either visually or in the log.


4. When I highlight a line in the combat log, it shows the simplified calculations on the far left of the screen (I use the default UI arrangement with the solid background). When I then highlight the simplified calculation and press shift for the detailed calculations, the calculations usually generate to the left of the screen, almost entirely off-screen.

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