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Character Customization Options

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Do we know if the character customization options for character appearance are finalized?  Specifically for the Face category. 


Both male and female 'wild orlans', 'death godlike', 'moon godlike', and 'nature godlike' currently have no options in this category.  Do we know if this is final?


Male hearth orlans in Pillars of Eternity I had the option for facial hair, currently they only have options for the hair on their heads and neither facial hair nor face structure options.  Female hearth orlans also currently lack any face structure options.  Personally, I'd like to see facial hair options return for male hearth orlans.


Looking at dwarves, elves, and humans - their options seem comparable to POE1 having options in all three categories for males and the two categories for females.



Also, do we know if the 'hair' selection options are final?  In POE1, the hair style in the attached screenshot was an option for female characters.  It currently appears this hairstyle is only an option for male characters in POE2 at present.  Wondering if female characters will regain access to this style in POE2.


Another thing I noticed is that the lighting makes skin colors appear different on the character creation screen versus the levelup and character inventory screens.  The default skin tone options for hearth orlans look more grey on the creation screen while if the character is finalized with those options their skin will be more of a yellow color more closely matching the default mercenary rogue orlan's skin color.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Wondering if something to do with settings on my computer or something to do with lighting in those areas.


Observations about character creation were all made on version: v. Backer Beta Release 4.1103.


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I'm pretty sure they're not, Josh mentioned somewhere that death godlike heads require the biggest amount of work, so they're doing them last. Same could to some extent apply at least to the other godlikes.


Yeah I assume this will be added to the launch version. I can't imagine the game having less head options than the last did. 

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