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best later level melee solo chanter invocations?

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i have already chosen the ogre invocation, the 7 bolts of ice attack as later invocations. but which next level 3-5 invocation should i choose for a melee solo chanter?  should i choose the bride caught the ruse (+3 intelligence, perception, and dexterity) or  the bridesman slew thirty ( (+3 might, resolve and constitution) ?  which later level (16)  invocation is best to choose?  champion braved the horde alone, biting winds of eld nary,  boil the flesh or ancient instruments of death?   i also would like to know if the phrase "mercy and kindness followed where she walked" works with ancient memory and beloved spirits.

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You will rarely be in combat long enough to chant 6 phrases and get off a 4th level invocation; it is only during the long difficult battles, such as the dragon fights, that you'll be able to cast them. It seems to me champion braved the horde alone may be good choice for such battles, just for the +40% attack speed. But it seems underpowered for level 4 inovocation; +10 deflection is meh, and the interrupt bonus is is useless for most builds. Your probably better off casting some of the lower level invocations earlier. It seems well suited for ranged chanter builds, if it stacks with Sure Handed Ila, although I'm not sure if it does.

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Sure Handed Ila stacks with everything. So the Champion invocation will stack with Sure Handed Ila, making you shoot really fast. You can use Outlander's Frenzy to bridge the gap from start of the encounter until the Champion invocation is ready.


If you use tier-one phrases (or a tier-two phrase like Ila with two or more tier one phrases that fit into the linger time) you can actually reach 5 or 6 phrases pretty quickly with Brisk Recitation. At lvl 16 it halves the duration of chanting time (leaving linger untouched) so tier-one-phrases only take 2 secs to complete (only 12 secs to get 6 phrases). Even with Stuff like Mith Fyr (only takes 4 secs then) it's not too bad. Brisk Recitation is an automatic talent, you don't need to pick it.

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