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Being a bit concerned by the Might to Strength change, I wanted to suggest an alternate solution (for what it worths... :biggrin: ).

Feel free to comment and criticize.

What does it adress (in a nutshell) ?
- Finding a better use fo Resolve without negating the old Might concept
- Slightly nerfing Might (no more healing) while finding a new use for Constitution
- Staying as close as possible from PoE1 well-rounded Attibutes system.



+3% all damages (weapons & spells)

+ 2 Fortitude


Might would not change much from PoE1, except it won’t affect healing anymore. So it is only a slight nerf from PoE1 which could prevent Might from being necessary for all builds (especially defensive priest or paladin, or Chillfog-type chanter).




+3% Action speed

+2 Reflex


No change, but I believe that some builds relying on ressource generation could have better use for Dex (such as Skald).




+5% Endurance

+3% Healing

+2 Fortitude


Lore-wise, it could be said that healing powers depends on one’s “lifeforce”, which sort of makes sense. At least it isn’t worse than healing capabilities depending on one’s Might. It also really makes sense for abilities like constant recovery or defiant resolve.

Gameplay wise, I think Consitution deserved a minor buff or at least needed a way to be played a bit more actively. Also, I feel it is consistent that Constitution is used to resplenish the pools based on it, so you don’t have to consider 2 stats just for endurance pools.




+5% Effect duration

+6% AoE

+2 Will


No direct change (but see Resolve and new effect duration formula)




+1 Acc

+2 Reflex


No more interruption hurts Per a little, but Accuracy is paramount in PoE combat system so it will still be interesting to put Points in Per as it helps both Damages and CC.




+1 Deflection

- 5% Hostile effect duration on self

+2 Will


No more Concentration hurts Res even more, but bonus against hostile effects could be a really huge defensive deal (and even offensive considering CC prevents one from attacking.)

I also find it would be nice Lore-Wise, in order to symbolise the ability to endure anything.


Resolve would oppose Intellect from the caster.
I think a formula such as the following cold work :
If Caster's Intellect > Target's Resolve : Modified Duration =  Base x (1 - 5% x Target Resolve + 5% x caster Intellect)
If Caster's Intellect < Target's Resolve : Modified Duration =  Base x 0.95^(Target Resolve - caster Intellect)
This way the tooltip could still simply say "-5% Hostile Effect", being "not too wrong" while remaining simple.


Think about Durance and his sky-high Resolve, which was not very good in PoE1.

Now think about a priest with a bing chunk of Hostile effect duration removed. Don’t you find this interesting ? Wouldn't Durance feel like indomittable ? Wouldn't it feel nice to play such a character ? We all know how much resistance to CC (and to lesser extent, debuff and DoT) is important in the combat system.


I think it’s balanced because :

  • Deflection is defense agaonst around 50% of attacks (defense against almost all weapon attacks and even some spells), so +1Def/Res  worths 50% of the benefit of Per to Acc
  • Increasing status duration is “around 50%” of the effects of INT (even if does not benefit to positive effects, I think resistance to CC is very critical)
  • So, apart for Will Defense, Resolve would worth around 50% of the effects of INT + 50% of the effects of PER. So Resolve would worth as much as Int or Per.

Note : For sure, spells such as Crown for the Faithful should be tuned down with this design.

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I am surprised instead of reverting resolve back to might and having "muscle mages" once again, they didn't jsut have an option/tag in game for skills/items. 


This item/skill uses might or resolve, which ever is greater. 


So apply it to wands, scepters, rods, staves and magical class skills..  Seems a compromise that would have worked.... ohh well..

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I personally don't care about Muscle Mage and Genius Barbarian, especially because you don't have to play like.

PoE1 System was great and the Resolve Change was the only thing it truly needed.

I still think that allocating Healing to Consitution could have been nice to spead a bit more the utility of attributes, but I think it's quite minor and I really like the current non-traditionnal system.

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