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How the hell do you even complete this broken mess of a scenario? Half the cards do not work as they should, games is coded to roll 1s when you use too many charms to force you to spend coins when you lose and most of all, it is freaking boring!


Today I run this on Heroic 3 times (finished on Normal after 4 or 5 only times thanks to lucky rolls). First run I didn’t use a single charm, lost because I’ve run out of blessings (wild power -5 blessings, screw this). Second and third time I went full on charms, mainly soap to close locations. Results? Got to last location no problem to face with barkeeper: 1st fight, 6 dice, 98%, all 1s. 2nd fight, 6 dice, 98%, all 1s. 3rd fight, 7 dice, 99%, all 1s!!! And goes what happened in my third run today? Got to face the barkeeper, 6 dice, 98%, all 1s.


At this stage I almost threw the phone out the window, because the chances of this happening are so ****ing low, that I simply cannot believe this is not a hard-coded behaviour designed to force me to spend coins on charms over and over again. Why would the devs force me to do it? Because the reward is coins and they can’t have you getting too many of them.


So what doesn’t work in this DLC? Let’s see, on the top of my head:

  • Topaz of Strength – reported multiple times on forums for MONTHS, won’t even repeat what is broken with it. Still bugged (lazy devs);
  • Blessing of Achaekek against The Muscle – gives only 1 die, instead of 2 like the description says;
  • Getting moved out of location breaks the game, because you are not there to witness the henchman returning to the deck. Fortunately you can fix easily, but this also has been reported multiple times and is still not fixed!
  • On multiple occasion order of actions breaks. I.e. I get to choose what to do with a blessing I’ve used during previous round AFTER the current character has already drawn an exploration.
  • Description for the whole adventure claims that the reward for beating it is 5k gold. Wait, but it’s probably for doing it on Legendary like with other adventures, which the description very sneakily omits, giving you impression that you can get it straight up after 5 wins on Normal! False advertising at its finest!

All in all I enjoy the rest of the game immensely, but this whole adventure, and this 1 scenario in particular make ma regret that I actually paid for it. Because supporting such lazy devs, who can’t be even bothered to fixed multiple reported bugs over so many months is not a good idea. And the whole adventure is boring, full of worst possible tropes (hey, drunken warrior, scorned lady, sooo original) and read as somebody’s bad fanfic.

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I've defeated this on Legendary with the following group: Kyra, Harsk, Valeros, Merisel, Lem, Ezren. This is a sub-optimal group for this scenario.


There are lots of bugs and some things don't work. There are a lot of things you can do though:


Blessings of Cayden Cailean (lots; Unity is best if you can get them)

Blessing of Sarenrae (Kyra only, good for closing locations)

Greater Aid spells (Kyra, Harsk)

Ring of Serene Contortions (x4)

Greater Sage's Journal (x3)

Belt of Physical Might (x1)

Lots of search cards

Lem (is a boss)

Valeros (Guardian w/Shield Another, very helpful cuz shaves off a lot of damage from movement)


I kept everyone grouped together. If possible I tried to have only Valeros, Harsk or Merisel do henchmen fights. All of them need help regardless but each has their advantages.


It did take a lot of tries (some due to bugs) and a significant amount of deck retooling. I've since rebuilt these decks so I might be missing a few things. Its unlikely I'll do it again because it is obnoxious. Every other scenario is significantly easier on Legendary.

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I have just completed that scenario for the first time on Legendary. You almost have to use AD6-level characters, preferably with high base strength. The +5 to defeat The Muscle at Heroic is still OK, but +10 on Legendary? On top of burying a card on each turn? And the Barkeep has only Charisma in his second check to defeat? No Diplomacy? Crown of Charisma is very very sad.

My group consisted of Valeros, Amiri and Seelah, with no big changes to their decks. It was doable only because of Seelah's IomedaeCycling (shuffle Iomedae back again and again and again) and almost fully improved Crusade. Two uses of Mass Cure saved Valeros, but Amiri died due to repeated burying. In the last turn (when you fail to acquire a boon, -1 blessing deck = very bad Wild Card), Seelah encountered the Barkeep and used two Blessings of Iomedae (Favor + normal one) for the second check. At that time, her deck contained 7 cards only (1 Great Aid + blessings of Iomedae). This was almost worse than AD6-5.


Similarly difficult was for me the UltimateKoboldNightmareOfDestruction, where the Kobold Heretic at Legendary is crazy. +10 bonus to both check's difficulty, +2d6 additional increase due to being Kobold, does big Force damage and is undefeated for the first time? Huh. On top of that, the Kobold lair has Fortitude X to close it, with Kobold Warrior increase in difficulty being added to it. No Constitution, only Fortitude => Armored Valeros is needed, otherwise you have 1d4 as standard. Amulet of Fortitude is also great for that. And to get it more interesting, Kobold Hunters with +10+2d6 (2d6 = usually 10 to 12) = +21 difficulty are encountered every turn.

Seelah & Armored Valeros did it in the end (definitely not easily).


On the other hand, the Sycorius (5th scenario) is terribly easy even on Legendary. Combine Valeros with Seoni and Lini or other heavy caster (Tup, Ezren, ...). Who needs weapons anyways to defeat 21 difficulty Wrathful Sinspawns? And Sycorius with only his "bury some cards" and much lower difficulty compared to the Heretic is also a "weak" Villain. One Disintegrate deals with him (Pharasma on top to make it 99%+).


The other big weak point of Valeros campaign (apart from some bugs) is the incorrect text for rewards. You unlock the Loot cards for Legendary run and not for Normal or Heroic. There is no 5000 for completing the adventure, but it is probably divided among the Legendary and/or Heroic playthrough. You can get 750 gold for most Legendary scenarios (definitely 2 and 3) and 1000 for others (4 and 5). I don't remember the first one, but it might be even 1250 gold. And this is easily fixable, only by changes in the text. Nothing more is needed.


Edit: Apparently, the 5000 gold reward is there, but was awarded probably only after restarting of the game, as I had (surprisingly) something over 6000 gold. Nevertheless, some changes in text should be made and everything will be fine :)

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