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Curnd password: What does it mean?

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If you find the tattered note in Black Meadow, it has the password you need to introduce yourself to Curnd in Ondra's Gift: Yc Nybeon Eldfeon


Has anyone figured out if this password translates into anything? It seems like it must be a code of some sort.


I've tired all the character rotations, 1 through 25; and I've tried an anagram solver but nothing I jumping out. Any ideas?

How can anyone in their right mind try to ship a multimillion dollar product without making absolutely sure that they don't upset all their players with a degree in Medieval English Linguistics?

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It's a parole for a gem trader in Ondra's Gift. He's located north-east of the Salty Mast in a back alley and he's only there at night. Besides that I have no idea what it means. It sounds like "I am an elf" in Low German though. ;)

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