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Number of copies of Masterwork Tools

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Hey everyone,


There used to be 2 copies of Masterwork Tools, I always tried to pick up both... However, in my current playthrough, I wasn't able to select a 2nd copy from the collection when I earned a new card feat. I checked the Collection from the Main Menu and it listed only 1 copy. Has this been changed recently? Just curious...

Thank you.

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Your collection should still have two copies of Masterwork Tools.  One is a B-deck item, the other is in C-deck.


If you're playing the Valeros Quest, the game temporarily drops a third copy into the pool, and I think the Goblin scenarios may only have one.


Why you couldn't pull the card from the box might have a few explanations, but the likeliest two are:

- Even though it is found in B-deck, Masterwork Tools lacks the Basic trait. You can't grab a copy between games until AD3, when the rules change to allow you grab any card 2 ADs below your current level, or any card from the character add-on deck.

- If your party already has two copies, no more will be available during deck repair.

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