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  1. A slight variation on this problem: I'm currently playing as a paladin. I selected deep faith as my level 2 ability. I'm currently level 4 and when I purchased a respec, I was unable to select deep faith again, the icon was greyed out. I could select any other ability, just not deep faith. Thank you.
  2. Hey everyone, There used to be 2 copies of Masterwork Tools, I always tried to pick up both... However, in my current playthrough, I wasn't able to select a 2nd copy from the collection when I earned a new card feat. I checked the Collection from the Main Menu and it listed only 1 copy. Has this been changed recently? Just curious... Thank you.
  3. I'll provide a little more information: Again, the problem is Valeros is no longer recharging his weapons after combat checks, they remain in the discard pile. I'm playing the steam pc version. I have tried re-installing the game but the problem remains. I noticed it in adventure 2, scenario 4 & 5. I noticed it somewhere in adventure 1 as well.
  4. I am facing a similar problem. Valeros does not recharge his weapons when they are discarded during a combat check. I don't have the weapon master role card yet, I'm only in adventure 2, so the situation differs slightly from the OP. I believe this started happening after the latest update.
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