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Companion/Sidekick Class Options Revealed

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Once you choose their class, I suppose you can't respec them later and change them to be multi or singleclass again?

The class selection pop up states pretty emphatically that your choice cannot be changed later. If that’s to be believed, then you *can* respec them from level 1, but *cannot* change their single class/multiclass status.
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Oww no sub-classe/multi-class free for companions :( my plans fell through..


What choose between:


Watcher: Beastmaster - DPS - Front

Pallegina: Paladin - Tank supp (heal) - Front

Eder: Swashbuckler - DPS - Front

Tekehu: Chanter - Supp (Buff/Debuff) + invocations - Back

Serafen: Cipher - CC - Back




Watcher: Beastmaster - DPS - Front

Pallegina: Paladin - Tank supp (heal) - Front

Serafen: Witch - DPS/CC - Front

Tekehu: Chanter - Supp (Buff/Debuff) + invocations - Back

Aloth: Wizard - DPS - Back


I hesitate for Pallegina: Herald with only buff and Tekehu only debuff + invocations (need lvl 9 so no multiclass)

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What I find interesting are those companions which can effectively dual class.  That is pretty interesting, in that it suggests there are some points in the story and/or their relationship with the Watcher that they decide to follow an entirely different life path.  This definitely gives way more versatility. 


I am planning on playing as either a cipher/ranger or chanter/ranger (still haven't decided yet- am awaiting some advice in the builds section, or will just have to do some experimenting tomorrow ;).  Now that I know the companion subclasses, I think it will go something like this:


Watcher (cipher/ranger or chanter/ranger- I will most likely go cipher/ranger now, since it will be quite easy to get a pure or multiclass chanter in the party)

Maia Rua (ranger/rogue)

Aloth (wizard)

Pallegina (chanter/paladin)

Tekehu/Xoti (single class, initial class, depending on how they rub off on me/how useful they are)


Between my 2 rangers, I should be well-enough covered with the stealth and mechanics aspects, and will automatically have two really good snipers plus their 2 animal companions.  I make my Watcher a Beguiler/Ghostheart or Beguiler/Sharpshooter and he can pin down the enemy while Maia goes in and uses our 2 animal companions plus Pallegina to deliver endless flanking and sneak attacks. Plus, that makes Maia the scout, while I probably focus my Watcher more heavily on mechanics to disarm the traps which Maia finds.  Given Maia has a bird, that makes more sense anyway. 


Aloth stays a wizard, because I want the maximum magical firepower possible.  Pallegina will become a chanter/paladin so she can have all the party buffs, and then deliver the appropriate chanter attacks in the front lines (whether that is to  incapacitate the enemy, finish them off, or bring in summons as reinforcements as necessary).


Just got to figure out the Tekehu vs Xoti bit.  I really wanted a priest of Eothas in the party... but having a druid from the islands who can help us not die on the seas... also pretty important.  And I've heard that priests have been nerfed a bit, and don't want a monk/priest... so maybe it will be the druid.

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