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Problem with splitting stacks of items in ship management view



Is there a dedicated button for splitting items? I know you can do it by doubleclicking an item, but it causes issues, at least in ship management view (it doesn't seem to be an issue in an inventory screen.

I was playing around with food and tried to load a specific amount of water unto my ship:





The problem arises that when you click on item, it is moved into your "hand" and when you click second time it is put back and moved to the front of the row:

My cursor isn't visible on the above screenshot, but it should be hovering over where hardtracks are, while the water was moved to the front of the row. But not a big deal, because I am still splitting water, right?



Because after splitting I have split hardtracks.


So the only way to split item in ship management view (unless there is shortcut to access "split" screen without doubleclicking, but I haven't found it via experimentation or keybinding screen) is to first move an item into the front of the row, and than double click it.

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