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Trudvang Chronicles

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Hey people, I don't know if this has had any spread outside of Sweden yet, we're not exactly known for trying to spread our RPG's as much as our furniture onto the international market, but I thought there might be some interested people here anyway.

Here in Sweden, we've always had an alternative to Dungeons and Dragons. It is called "Drakar och Demoner" or "Dragons and Demons" if you so prefer. It's gone through many editions, the favourite of mine being based in the world of Trudvang. The world is inspired by Scandinavian myths, folklore and alot of John Bauer.

The gameworld is much more in style of sagas than your typical adventures, even though there is nothing preventing you from actually going for adventure style play; the world itself is magnificently suited to epic sagas. The written adventures are epics, I played through with my friends almost 15 years ago, and the memories are still well imprinted of struggling through Wildheart with my friends, and continuing on through the other two written adventures.

So, guys, are you tired of Dungeons and Dragons yet and want to try something new? For a long time it's been exclusively Swedish, but now you've got a chance to try it out on your own.


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