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Can i play in solo?

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According to this page the answer should be "yes" as at the bottom of the page it's written "1-4 players" which usually means that the minimum number of players required to play is 1 and the maximum is 4.

Also, the pdf rulebook in the same page later goes on to describe how to play in solitaire. So it should definitely be playable alone. :)
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For those who are interested on increase the difficulty during Solo Mode. Here are small variants might keep you on the edge of your table trying to survive and earn reputation in Eora. I recommend only try this new mode after you played at least 1-2 times the solitaire mode (so you are familiar with the mechanics and rules of the game)
I created these variants due to I noticed while I played couple of times in solo mode, achieve highest score was not hard, since the player can send all the army cards to attack even highest dungeon and there are no risk for been attacked later on. With this mode player may be attacked by monsters during the event die phase.
Solo Mode -> Path of Damned
If you achieve a astounding victory (either by killing 3 bosses or getting minimum VP for that level) let me know because maximum I have reach in this new mode is 49 (Minor Victory) so far.
Beside I am working/thinking to create a 2nd part for those players that want to continue using a 2nd city deck after the first one is depleted. I will keep inform for any further new ideas.
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