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Spell Mastery vs. Per Encounter

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Is spell mastery just a hold-over from an earlier version of the game before they introduced per encounter spells for wizards?  I don't understand the point of spell mastery when I get the entire spell level refreshed after every fight.  At least the first two spell masteries (level 1 and level 2 spells) become entirely useless after level 11.


Am I missing something?

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Your spells won't get refreshed after a fight if you are either priest, wizard or druid. Not at lvl 11, not later.


It used to be so that spell level 1 turned into per-encounter use at char level 11 (and so on) in an earlier version of the game (there were no spell masteries at that point). This was too powerful so it got removed and spell mastery was introduced. That was a good nerf.


Spell mastery now allows priest/wizard/druid to pick one spell from spell lvl 1 at char lvl 9, another spell from spell lvl 1-2 at char lvl 11, another spell from spell lvl 1-3 at char lvl 13 and finally a last spell from spell lvl 1-4 at char lvl 15.


Those mastery spells are 1/encounter. The rest stays as it was: 2 to 4 spell uses per rest per spell level. You can still use the mastered spell as per-rest version as well. So you can do this: pick Fireball as lvl-3 mastery and then cast 5 fireballs in a row: 1 mastered version (1/encounter) and 4 of the per-rest version.


So it's really just an addition of a "new" active ability that is 1/encounter and that gets its own icon on the action bar as well - seperated from the other spells while your spells themselves won't get touched.

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