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  1. Is spell mastery just a hold-over from an earlier version of the game before they introduced per encounter spells for wizards? I don't understand the point of spell mastery when I get the entire spell level refreshed after every fight. At least the first two spell masteries (level 1 and level 2 spells) become entirely useless after level 11. Am I missing something?
  2. I just did this "challenge" with a chanter, but of course with Reny Daret's ghost one-shotting everyone it wasn't hard whatsoever. Out of curiosity, anyone know how this compares to the exp you would have gained at this point by doing this the normal way?
  3. Yeah, I was fully expecting to require utilizing cheese to get through parts of the game, but one of the things that really pulled me to this build was how well laid out this guide was and that it seemed to be capable of running headlong into fights and winning at end game. In my experience that was not the case. Of course I did upscale everything, so maybe that was where I went wrong, but it seemed like this build could pull it off. As far as damage goes, I followed this guide to the letter. I have all the same gear, talents and abilities. Looking at your monksterlasher build, it seems to be a LOT more damage oriented. I will reload a previous save and respec to your build and see what the different is. How does your build compare to Dr <3's as far as fights like Magran's Faithful and Brynlod bounties? I was looking at Jojobobo's Gunslinger build, but it seems to be focused more around the gun aspect of the character rather than the chanting part (high DEX). Yet the build still seems focused around doing a lot of damage with Dragon Thrashed (with only 10 base MIG)?
  4. Well, after 70 hours and countless reloads I finished the game! Although there isn't a terribly large amount of content, the depth of character creation makes you want to try new things. This build seemed to perform really well, but the game was very hard throughout; there were very few fights that I would say were easy. The vast majority of them required split pulling, choke points, figurines, etc. and that was true from start to finish and I was level 16 before I finished Act 2. I felt like combat bugged out quite often as enemies would just stand around and do nothing when they weren't even trapped anymore. Many times I would get wrecked only to reload and have half the pack twiddle their thumbs while I slowly punched them to death. There were several fights that I felt like I should have been able to take, but couldn't. In my experience, fights went one of three ways: 1) I would have my 600+ endurance wiped away in the time it takes to chug a potion, 2) the mobs wouldn't be able to beat my passive regen and so I'd never get to battle-forged territory and would just literally walk away from my keyboard until they (painfully slowly) died to rooting pain or 3) the fight was winnable but took every cheese tactic and resource at my disposal. In other words, there were few fair fights. I beat Magran's Faithful with 4 health left. Battle-forged never did more than 80 damage per hit (I'm guessing because of DR?) and rooting pain were pot-shots for 10 or so. What's worse, towards the end of the game during the higher level bounties battle-forged was straight up missing. I never saw any retaliation damage in the combat log. Torment's Reach did about 33-50 a hit depending on the enemy. I'm sure I'm doing something massively wrong, but those were my numbers. Thank you Dr <3 and Boeroer for all your help along the way! PS: I'm going to try another playthrough on TCS, Any suggestions on a class that, win or lose, ends fights quickly? Wizard perhaps? I got very frustrated spending so much time getting my ass kicked only to reload. If they're going to beat me, they could at least have the decency to do it quickly.
  5. Should this build be able to tank Magran's Faithful? Doesn't seem possible as the priests can out-heal our damage output, and we aren't that tanky. To put into context, I'm level 16, have everything but Ryona's Breastplate and the Iron Circle (can't beat Eyeless Hammers). Trying to work on the dragons and bounties. I still have to split pull, use figurines and utilize choke points to handle large packs.
  6. I'm a bit confused why the build uses boots of the long march; at what point do boots of the long march become better than shod in faith? With resting bonus, shod in faith are restoring way more than 15 endurance per encounter. I guess at some point you want to actually get to 50% endurance quickly so you can start burninating all the people? Edit: Also, by "weakening blows" you mean "Enervating Blows"?
  7. I'll take note of that. It appears that IEMod enables soulbound weapons to be enchanted by default as I've been told in the bug reporting part of this forum. I will have to do some further testing as I have yet to get Champion's Boon to proc and am curious if it has anything to do with IEMod/enchanting soulbound items.
  8. Ah, thanks! I was not aware that IEMod did that. I will just ignore that feature as long as it doesn't negatively affect the normal function of the game. My concern was that it "appeared" to disable certain items from working correctly.
  9. I do. I have only used it for giving myself the "gift from the machine" talent. If I replace the modded "Assembly-CSharp.dll" file with the original will it fix the issue?
  10. So it would be advisable to only have Steadfast equipped, as if you had Whispers of Yenwood in your offhand half your attacks would be with it instead, potentially reducing your chances of killing with Steadfast? Especially considering that spirit slaying and reliable enchants on whispers of yenwood only apply to itself and the damage it does itself?
  11. Just so I'm understanding correctly: when an enemy dies from any source of damage, Champion's Boon has 25% chance to trigger? As opposed to say 25% on kill with Steadfast. Is there anything that would cause this buff to be overridden? In big fights, 10+ mobs, how much uptime does this buff have?
  12. Playing v3.8 on Steam with WM1 & 2 expansions and Deadfire pack, I am able to enchant soulbound items: https://ibb.co/kjb5HG Interestingly enough, Champion's Boon doesn't proc ever, even when I don't enchant it.
  13. Perhaps this is something that has changed since you last played? https://ibb.co/kjb5HG https://ibb.co/mTTGrb I enchanted it immediately upon picking it up and it automatically added the extras once I met their requirements. Edit: Champion's Boon isn't proccing... >< Oh my... Have you used a console command like freerecipestoggle? All soulbound items were non enchantable for sure until 3.07 version, this should be a bug. Anyway a durgan refined and burning lash steadfast is indeed stronger... If you don't apply your enchantments champions boon works? Still doesn't proc. Being able to enchant soulbound weapons isn't limited to Steadfast either. I can enchant St. Ydwens Redeemer as well. I didn't enable any special console command like "freerecipietoggle; however, I do have IE Mod because I screwed up with gift from the machine and freed everyone before I met the guy that gives you the talent and my most recent save before I freed everyone was from 4 days prior so I used console commands to give myself the talent. This shouldn't have any effect on being able to enchant soulbound equipment tho? Edit: I'm running the current version of the game off Steam with WM1 & 2 and Deadfire pack expansions.
  14. Perhaps this is something that has changed since you last played? https://ibb.co/kjb5HG https://ibb.co/mTTGrb I enchanted it immediately upon picking it up and it automatically added the extras once I met their requirements. Edit: Champion's Boon isn't proccing... ><
  15. I'd like to use a grappling hook and rope to climb up on its shoulders and make it laser beam its buddies, but the game doesn't let you get that creative.
  16. I will have to try that when I get a chance! I managed to take one down by split pulling it and beating it to death, but it left me at such low health that I couldn't survive the others. Where are the Blood Testament gloves located?
  17. I'm level 13, and yes I did upscale. I'm still in Act 2 of the main game, so I suppose I could always go back to that and hit 16. I wanted to take the opportunity to grab Steadfast early as it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to grab a soulbound weapon I can't level up because I've already "finished" the game, but I'm having a hard time with the Battery Sirens. The Sirens are usually in big groups of shades, spectres and wraiths (which are all really easy to kill just by battle-forged), but once they're all gone I'm left with 2 Battery Sirens which are usually on either side of the room so there's nothing I can do. You can't split pull or kite the fights because you get teleported all over the place at the start. However, with the input from Boeroer and Dr <3 I should be able to negate the "stuck" status long enough to close the gap and kill them. Reading up on the quest to get Steadfast I see you have to deal with 3 Eyeless Hammer. They are immune to fire, have like 750+ endurance on upscaled difficulty, have some serious knockdowns and do a serious damage ranged attack (and there's 3 of them). Even if you get them one at a time, how do you deal with the fire immunity? Slash is their weak spot, but we've lost battle-forged, rooting pain, turning wheel, combusting wounds, potion of flame shield, hiro's mantle (maybe?)... So we're left doing ~15 slashing damage per attack? Am I understanding this correctly? Game on.
  18. Yeah, I have some of those helmets in my stash and I'm like, "man, these would be awesome right now." Thanks for the tips! I'll grab the Fenwalkers and give it a try. My fortitude is 120 currently and in general, I still get knocked down, stuck, stunned, paralyzed etc quite often. At what point do you really get to see fortitude doing its thing?
  19. How do you deal with mobs like the Battery Sirens in the White Forge? They just perma "Stuck" you while they kill you from range. Edit: Also, do you recommend the harder difficulty setting for WM2 with this build?
  20. Thanks for the quick response! Yeah, I have the Aru Brekr armor so I can split 2 of them off, but the rest stay together. =/ Thanks for the advice on the Caed Nua fight, I finished with 4 health, haha!
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