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Hi, Obsidian.


There are some things about interface I found odd and wrong. See the list below please, I hope you will implement at least part of my suggestions within next few patches.


1. I'd like to see the red button meaning "back" in the selling cards menu would work like "back" and not like "cancel". Eventually you want to just go back one step before selling and make some changes to your characters' decks. And you can't - you have to make every change to every deck once more before selling.


2. I'd like to see the possibility to go to the character's info screen from the inventory menu. You can go to the invetory from the cahracter's screen but not vice versa. And you really need it frequently especially when you are new to the game.


3. I'd like to see some lore info for Iconic Characters, for their realms, and for their world. Maybe in a digital art book DLC or something. I'm a bit familiar with charaters and their world but people who see the game first time have to google cahrater's history to better understand him. As for me it's not right to search everthing in the Internet, there has to be some synopsis for every character at least.


4. I'd like to see a comfortable party management from the Campaign menu (where you can see the region's map) for you haven't to go to main menu every time, changing another party, removing\adding a charater from another party, giving them new cards found, etc.

Just when your party has passed some campaigns\scenarios and you add a character that didn't make such progress the missions he didn't pass should be marked with some "X" sign saying something like "one or more characters from your current party haven't passed the previous campaign/scenario".


5. I'd like to make it possible lo leave characters without cards (just to make it impossible to go on the mission to the party they are currently in) and to dismiss them understaffed. Or to make it possible to give characters basic cards avaible any time before questing.


6. I'd like to see some buff for Zen Archer. Zen Archer is more like lore-based character but the buff for him is strongly required - now he is like trial version of Harsk :) It's funny but Sajan is the only "PA" character who has no choice in choosing the speciality - compared to the Zen Archer the Drunken Master is to powerful on both roles (support and attacking). Every other characters are pretty well balanced as for me, at least you really have a choice.


7. I'd like to see the selling price of the cards I've found before I go to the selling menu screen. Maybe it's just a chicane, but it seems to be wrong you can't know the cards' prices. For the new players the price could be a reference point in deck-building before they start to undestand game's mechanics.



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The party mechanics could certainly benefit from a quality of life refresh. The set up at the moment favours managing saved games over managing teams of adventurers, and I don't think that's how most of us are approaching the digital game.

Jack Shade is right about inconsistencies around which character info is available from which menu, and I feel not having all the information easily to hand discourages thoughtful play.

I'd like to see the keyboard shortcuts from the Steam version available on Android, to speed up play for us Chromebook and BT keyboard players, and an option to speed through dice rolls, transitions, shuffles and animations. Lovely as they are, I've seen them many, many times now...

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