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Druid doesn't draw weapon when Spiritshift expires



Note: I've had this issue with a Lifegiver, so that's what I'm using for these repro steps. Not sure whether the issue applies to other Druid subclasses as well.


1. Roll a Lifegiver Druid.

2. Equip him/her with a staff (issue might apply to other items too; I had a staff when it occurred.)

3. Set your game options so that the game automatically pauses at the start of combat.

4. Enter combat.

5. As soon as the game pauses, hit the button to Spiritshift.

6. Wait for the Spiritshift form to expire.

7. Observe that your character is in his/her fighting stance as though his/her staff had been drawn, but the staff is still resting on their back:




I guess this happens if you transform before drawing weapons at the beginning of combat.


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