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After succeeding with making my own 5-man custom party at Level 6, I thought "maybe a thread?".

What different parties have you tried and what has your successes been like?

I'm currently playing on Veteran.

Ocean Folk Human Crusader (Unbroken Shieldbearer, Fighter/Paladin)
Hearth Orlan Marauder (Berserkering Trickster, Barbarian(Rogue)
Coastal Aumauan Thaumaturge (Evoker of Magran, Wizard/Priest)
Boreal Dwarven Spiritualist (Ascendant Beckoner, Cipher/Chanter)
Pale Elf Universalist (Lifegiver of Wael, Druid/Priest)

Works really well (WAY better than the Beta Mercenaries).

The Crusader takes most of the frontline on his shoulders, and the Marauder fills in a body block function as well as dealing with clumped up enemies. Surprisingly, putting a two-handed mace and some heavy armor on the Thaumaturge, he gains more survivability and both Rolling Flame and Fan of Flames gets much more use. Having Blessing of Kings on both the Universalist and the Thaumaturge also allows a constant effect throughout an encounter.

The Universalist focuses mainly on Healing and some Debuff effects.

Encounters are a bit slow and low on damage but everyone is safe, even if they get down to 25% health, and it even allows me to press on if one of my backline has as much as 2 injuries. Don't think the Crusader has been downed even a single time.

Man I really want to be able to unlock multi-classing mid-game so I can transform Eder into a Crusader (Unbroken/Shieldbearer). Such a strong melee tank :D

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