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So who is working on Project Indiana?


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Since there's already a team photo up on Private Division's website I might as well start trying to find any team members and add them to the long list of devs working on the game.

Picture can be found here: https://www.privatedivision.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/pd_developer_obsidianentertainment_team_final_1920x1080.jpg



  • Tim Cain                           - Co-Creator / Project Director
  • Leonard Boyarsky            - Co-Creator / Project Director


  • Julia Kernan                    - Associate Producer
  • Ian Conway                     - Associate Producer


  • Robert Nesler                  - Art Director
  • Bobby Hernandez            - Concept Artist / 3D Artist
  • Ken LeSaint                     - Senior 3D Artist
  • Brian Menze                    - Senior Artist
  • Michelle Vargas              - 3D Environment Artist
  • Marina Bekeshko            - Junior Environment Artist
  • Geoff Schofield                - FX Artist
  • Aaron Dubois                   - Senior FX Artist
  • Brian LeLeux                    - Lighting Artist


  • Nicole Evanich                - Animator
  • Antonio Govela               - Animator
  • Shon Stewart                  - Animator
  • Cathy Nichols                  - Character Animator



  •  Dan Spitzley                   - Senior Programmer
  •  Anthony Davis                - Senior Programmer
  •  Ankur Oswal                   - Junior Programmer


  • Scott Everts                    - Technical Designer
  • Constant Gaw                 - Senior Designer
  • David Williams                 - Senior Systems Designer
  • Dini McMurry                   - Senior Level Designer
  • Charles Staples               - Senior Designer
  • Tyson Christensen           - Senior Designer


  • Andrew Dearing              - Senior Sound Designer
  • Justin Bell                        - Audio Director


All job titles taken from LinkedIn, so they might not reflect actual job description on this game. Aarik confirmed few names for me and some I found on my own, through some searching.

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I am not the Lead Programmer.

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