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Ms One-Eyed's Spike Finger and weapon focus



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Not only am I not seeing my "Weapon Focus: Noble" affect this soulbound Arbalest, I actually made the effort to upgrade it to level 5 and the last upgrade utterly *ruined* the weapon. It got +50% attack speed, which is nice (but only affects recovery but still saves between 18-35 animation frames depending on your Dex), but then it also got -50% reload speed which basically cranked the reload frames from 90 up to 135!


Totally counter-productive, and no longer worth using.... it wouldn't matter if the thing got 0% recovery from the attack speed, the reload takes back all that gain and loses more speed on top of it.... it did get upgraded to Superb Quality, but the accuracy and DPS from Quality is again totally lost by the reload speed loss.


I have to hope this was not intended... when I first saw the last upgrade I got excited because I thought it read +50% attack and Reload.... what a bummer.

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