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beta build: Lord Critalot, the devoted assassin

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I have created the fast assassin for PoE1: http://forums.obsidi...wielding-rogue/

I think that PoE2 allows me to create a char that is even closer to my idea of a perfect assassin.




Lord Critalot


class: devoted fighter / assassin rogue


race: hearth orlan


background: the white that wends



mig 17

con 10

dex 10

per 21

int 10

res 10



max out stealth


profiency: sword



lv1: constant recovery (auto), disciplined barrage, crippling strike

lv2: two weapon style

lv3: backstab

lv4: fighter stances, dirty fighting

lv5: confident aim

lv6: knockdown

lv7: disciplined strikes, escape

lv8: rapid recovery

lv9: riposte

lv10: weapon specialisation, shadowing beyond.

later comes fighter stance upgrade and deep wounds





stats: perception is the most importent stat, because you want to crit as much as possible. Devoted gives +25% crit damage and +3 penetration, assassin gives +100% crit damage, +25acc and +4 penetration out of stealth or invisibility. Crit gives also *1,5 penetration. I chose hearth orlan and several talents to maximize my crit chance.

Might was an additive modifier among others in PoE1. Now it is multiplicative and with all the other modifiers you have there is a lot to multiply. So might is very importent if you want to deal damage. But the 3 might difference between orlan and aumauna gives 9% more while a crit from this char gives 50% more (150% from stealth or invisibility) and hearth orlans have high per and crit more often.

I kept the other stats at 10 because I dislike stat dumping.


weapon: I assume that devoted is not bugged and you can only be profient in 1 weapon. There will be enemies with high resistance or even immunity against one damage type, so I take a weapon with 2 damage types. Sword has higher damage than hammer and with all my bonusses penetration should be high enough. I am dual wielding of course. Use weapons that have an "on crit effect" (stunn or prone) or are anihilating (more crit damage).



- escape -> shadowing beyond + backstab: Thats what makes you an assassin. Become invisible and strike the enemy with a devastating blow. Repeat until you have used all guile for this. Start combat stealthed for an initial backstab.

- disciplined barrage -> disciplined strikes: no more misses and 50% hit -> crit, could there be anything better :grin:. If you can keep this up all the time, you can skip confident aim for something else.

- I hope that constant -> rapid recovery help you to stay alive

- The active skills allow you to do sneak attacks, everything else should increase your damage passively.


upgraded fighter stance, vigorous defense and deep wounds should be taken later. When there is more than one enemy in front of you, you should use cleave stance because you will kill things fast, else ( improved ) fighter stance.



- very high single target damage, though Boeroer said that a soul balde / assassin is even better (while being more fragile)



- You are more fragile than other char (+15% damage taken, not high con or res) and you have no healing except rapid recovery.

- Once you have used all shadowing beyonds, you have very little things that help you to avoid being hit.

- It takes until lv 10 until you can use the trick that defines your character


Please remember that this is for the first version of the beta, so tons of things will change.

Edited by Madscientist, 22 November 2017 - 09:49 AM.

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