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[Bug/Intended?]Player chars are not auto-attacking after special attack



Hi there,


I don't know if this is a design decision or a bug.

When party AI is deactivated and you use a special ability like knockdown your fighter does not auto-attack with his normal attack afterwards. You have to manually click on the enemy again to perform auto-attacks.

This is annoying as hell.


In POE 1 your chars auto-attacked after using a special ability even when party AI was disabled.

Please reintroduce this behaviour. I don't want to use party AI but like this micro is a real chore.



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Seconded. It's actually fairly annoying that you need to micro-manage everyone after using an ability or they'll just stand there idly.

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Hey jaydee.2k, AndreaColombo,


This is indeed a bug. We are actively working on our AI combat, and this is one of the hurdles we currently have on our plate. This issue is logged and is currently being investigated by our programmers. I also agree it's a fair amount of work in it's current state, but hey what are betas for right? :)


You the best,



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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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