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Can't pick some items from stash



I was looking for consumables in my stash and move some of them to quick slot of my party members. Suddenly I cound't pick anything else from stash besides weapons. All (crafting?) materials and consumables in stash don't react on click. I can put consumables and weapons from inventory to stash and back to the inventory but all other items (besides weapons like I mentioned) that were already in the stash can't be move.


log file and save: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ud0yxmha1h4k3oz/AAAJV07DjNTJDE7w1Tm4laDJa?dl=0


Btw - in this save file you can check grimoire of my wizard. It has only two class abilities but no spell at all while merc wizard has entire set of spells in her grimoire.


Scepter Proficiency skill (+2 penetration, +20% damage) - it affects damage of spells. It's a bug, a feature?



It looks like these items are used during rest so probably they can't be picked from stash and placed in the inventory.

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