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User Interface bugs



1) 1. In ability tree if window with details describing skill or ability is displayed over icons of abilities on that tree and there is highlighted text with possible pop up in opened window, while hovering mouse over this highlighted text sometimes game display wrong detail - it show info about ability which icon is directly below highlighted portion of text, below opened window than specific highlighted text that player should see.


(mouse cursor on the screen below is pointed at highlighted "graze" but as you can see, instead of "graze" pop-up game is showing what lies below and this is "Unstoppable" ability icon. It works that way in all classes/subclasses ability trees).




2) In ability tree if window with details is displayed over bottom bar during character creation, entire text from that bar (except headlines of each sections) is displayed on the top of opened window. Text like picked race, class, subclass and even symbol of the cutlure you character come from can be see through opened window.




3) In ability tree if player hover the mouse over highlighted portion of text that refers to different ability or skill, there is pop up saying "Right-click for details" but if you click right mouse button you will close that window while clicking left mouse button will open another window with details you want. "Right-click for details" is confusing and should be switch to "Left-click for details".




I attached all screens to this post in case if picture hosting expires.


Second day with the backer beta and I'm still sitting in character creation :D

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Heya Silvaren,


Thanks for the post! Fortunately it looks like we've got issues in the database for these 3 issues already, but it's good to see them brought up on the forums. Hopefully we can get them fixed for future backer beta updates.


Also, awesome to hear you're still in character creation after 2 days! We need people to dig in as hard as they can so we can get as much feedback as possible =)

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I try my very best.

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