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Can you get into the Beta at this point?

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You can still back here:


There's an option to add the beta for those who've backed the game. (according to the latest update: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94331-update-42-the-backer-beta-is-live


Once you've pledged (or perhaps at the same time, you can indeed add the beta as an addon under:

http://eternity.obsidian.net/backer/pledges (click addons to get to:



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It's actually $55 ($35 for the game and $20 for the beta access add-on.) Come join the fray!

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It's actually $55 ($35 for the game and $20 for the beta access add-on.) Come join the fray!


Thanks for pointing out my stupidity :)


$55 is good, $115 was not.



Yeah, it's confusing because they first show you the screen where beta access is only offered as part of the $115 backer level, but after that, in the add-ons menu, it's only $20 more.

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So its $115 to get access to the Beta. :(


Guess I'll be waiting for release and just have to hope that the Beta testers can improve the game and that they can actually have an impact in getting changes.


To be fair, bro, I was also sad to see my pledge level did not give me beta access.


I am, however, happy to have paid $20 to get said access.

( The beta add-on is $20, not $115 ;)  )




I am happy for several reasons, and if you'll please take the time to read through, here they are :


First of all, as you've seen yourself, there is a lot of feedback WRT changes, balance, game mechanics.

Said feedback is both noticed, and taken into account :

- penetration changes

- priest spell restrictions removed

- removal of general talents

- grazes removed , they're thinking about how they can handle that differently

- combat speed and removal of slow mode ? they're on it



Second, I was very happy with POE1, Obsidian did an impressive job of delivering updates and bug fixes even years into its release.


Third, I do like Obsidian, I like how they approach things, I like the quality of the products they deliver, and I like how they're close to their customers.


Obsidian actually sent out a survey on paid DLCs, when the current trend amongst publishers is to push more and more of them, no matter how inane (again, looking at you Total War Warhammer Blood and Gore DLC , had to pay to get blood , lol , real ? if that was a PEGI rating consideration, you could have made it a free DLC).

When was the last time EA asked for your opinion ?





My point is, the guys listen, they wish for the product to be a resounding success, same as you and I.

Even more so than us I say, we're talking not only about their jobs and financial prospects here, but also all the work hours they put into developing the product.



I understand not all of us have the same financial means or needs, that much is a given.

Personally, I took the hit, I'll just have 2 or 3 less beers during parties over the year.

That is a trade-off I can definitely live with.



Edit: more examples of balance tweaks based on beta feedback

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