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Resting doesn't remove injuries for one character

Lamppost in Winter


When resting here, the Mercenary Priest character's injuries aren't removed, regardless of what food I use. The injuries are also not displayed on the portrait, but the health loss is still there.






Update: Resting in the next level of the dungeon cleared this up.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for the info! I'm sorry you are encountering this issue. We are tracking this issue internally and working to possibly address it for future builds. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to remove an injury, even after transitioning to a new level, the following methods seem to clear injuries correctly every time:


1. Speak to Himuihi in Tikawara and rest at a room. Even if you use the Roparu's Mat, this should avoid the bug and remove injuries every time.

2. Use console commands:

    a) Press the backquote/tilde key (`) to open the console

    b) Type "iroll20s". This enables cheats.

    c) Type "rest". This simulates a rest and seems to correctly clear injuries for me, even when I encounter the aforementioned issue.


Hopefully that helps some of you out until we can properly address this issue. Thanks a lot for the feedback and for playing Pillars!

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