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Rimeskull still broken all over the place (on Legendary)



(On Legendary difficulty)


*If a character fails the constitution check, the give and move phases of their turn are skipped, and they are given an extra explore instead of their normal one (which prevents them from using deck sorting, etc. before exploring)

*When a Stone Head is closed, not all the characters at that location consistently move.

*Characters (not just Ezren) sometimes get extra explores after succeeding at checks to acquire boons?? (It might only be Seelah)


The combination of failing to automatically move and skipping the move phase makes the scenario nigh unplayable with some characters... Can this scenario finally get some attention?


Android 7.0 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Random traits Impending Doom and Painful Memories

Party of Seelah, Ezren, Lini, and Merisiel

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