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Gale Armor isn't working



So, I was playing Battle at the Dam, normal mode, with the following characters in the following order

Kyra (sunwrought), Ezren (scholar), Tontelizi, Merisiel (shadow)


Merissiel is at Guard Tower, Kyra was at Shimmerglens (which was closed) and Tontelizi and Ezren were at the Garrison.


Ezren was looking a little thin healthwise, and so I had Kyra move to Garrison, and then use her heal power (she had a divine spell in hand).  Used it, healed Ezren.  Because I had nothing else in hand (and I didn't want Kyra at the Garrison), i had her attempt to use her Gale Armor at the end of her turn to move (to Treacherous Cave), and she did "move".  However, at that point, I couldn't do anything - the armor showed it as being recharged, but there were no buttons to click or anything - no forward arrows or anything like that.  So I quit the game (not a forfit, just game restart), and when I got back to the game, it showed the map, and I tried clicking the red X to cancel, but it did something simliiar.  


At that point, I just forfited and just restarted, and I am going to get rid of Gale armor



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