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Swipe not playable against Spectre



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

Account: atwarner #9699

Scenario: The Fort In Peril

Difficulty: Heroic

Wildcard: Full Packs

Party: Ezren (Garrison), Merisiel (Warrens), Sajan (Deeper Dungeons), Valeros (Fort Rannick), Lini (Mountain Peak), Seoni (Prison)


On the first turn, Ezren explored, encountering a guide. Rolled for it, and acquired. Buried Chellan, Sword of Greed due to wild card. Discarded Guide to explore, encountering Ghost. Swipe wasn't playabe, but Invisibility and Disintegrate were.






If I switch to a combat check in the drop down, Swipe is playable and fully functional.




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Swipe can be played only on combat checks, which I was informed aren't generally all checks to defeat banes, only those titled Combat :). So the Wisdom/Divine is not a combat check and Swipe should not be played for that check. Yet, the card should have been highlighted that it can be used - and when you use it, the check should transform into a combat check with the 11 difficulty (-3 for Swipe). Do you perchance have Sunburst in active party? It works similarly (-3 for check) and could be affected as well.

The developers might want to improve this, but by itself it is not a bug, just a possible improvement.

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I consider it a bug in that it isn't marked as playable. Playing it would switch the check to Combat, just like the Disintegrate also in hand. In this case playing Swipe requires a series of steps that no other card (except maybe Sunburst) requires.


I do have Sunburst, but haven't noticed the same with it. Perhaps because I've not run into the same situation.

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