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Achieving a certain ending (Edér)

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I recently finished my latest run in order to make a "perfect" savegame for Deadfire. Consulting the Wiki and several other sources, I pretty much got everything the way I wanted - except for one: Edér joined the Night Market instead of becoming the mayor of Dyrford. I honestly don't know what went wrong here. I never lied to him, told him it was right to join the war against Waidwen and tried to convince him that people need guidance - but not necessarily from the gods.


I already achieved both endings in several playthroughs but don't know what triggers them. Obviously the Wiki didn't help me here, either. I'm starting to think the line between one ending and the other may be very thin or maybe there is one specific dialogue option one has to pick (or avoid).


Does anyone here know the "Dos and Dont's" in order to make Edér mayor? (Guess I'll have an excuse to play through the game another time before Deadfire is out. :p)

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