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Tontelizi's Shake Down doesn't always work.



EDIT: At this point, I think it's broken entirely; I'm no longer able to recharge allies at all. Tontelizi's selected powers are Hand Size 6, Polearm Prowess, Shake Down, Payola, Knock Off, and Knock Down. I'm wondering if Knock Down is the problem; Shake Down was working before, but I haven't seen it work once since selecting Knock Down.


Shake Down seems to work intermittently; sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Playing 6-2 Normal, Tontelizi solo. Defeat Warden at Heptaric Locus. Protect against Ghlorofaex's damage with Elemental Body from Emerald Codex. Close location (with help from discarding Father Zantus via Knock Down). Shake Down button lights up, pressing it makes a sound, but nothing happens.


Move to Town Square. Defeat Warlord. Shake Down lights up again, but pressing it has no effect other than the sound; Father Zantus can't be recharged from discard.


Won't recharge Sleepless Detective or Poog in 6-4, either., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.

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