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Summon Monster isn't triggering Ezren's Expanded Spellbook



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

Account: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Poison Pill

Difficulty: Heroic

Wildcards: Painful Memories

Party: Ezren (The Old Light), Merisiel (Guard Towers), Sajan (Sandpoint Cathedral), Valeros (City Gate), Seoni (Village House), Lini (General Store)


Turn 1: Ezren plays Scrying, chooses Sandpoint Cathedral. Sees Blessing of the Gods  Blessing of Iori so he puts them on top. Recharges Scrying while displaying Robe of Runes. Expanded Spellbook finds a Cat on top of his deck. Ezren explores and encounters a Skeleton (small chance I'm remembering wrong and it was a Cultist. I know the difficulty was 9). Plays Summon Monster, drawing a Mercenary. Mercenary defeats Skeleton. Expanded Spellbook doesn't trigger.


In case any of this matters: Ezren is an Illusionist with hand size 7, Greater Recovery, Mind Trick, Spell Collector, and Ally Collector. The rest of his hand was Fiery Bolt, Disintegrate, Swipe, Robe of Runes, and Clockwork Librarian. I had just take Summon Monster out of the stash via Manage Decks before starting the scenario.

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