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Orb of Storms (and other such globes) give too many dice.



I have this a few times now with the different "globes" or orbs. Most recently with Orb of Storms.


Platform: PC (Windows 10)

Scenario: Underneath Sandpoint, normal, no wildcards

User: atwarner #9699

Party: Ezren (The Old Light), Merisiel (Town Square), Sajan (Garrison), Valeros (Prison), Lini (Shrine to Lamashtu), Seoni (Thassalonian Dungeon)

Turn 3 (Sajan)


Sajan encountered a Hound of Lamashtu at the Garrison. Lini played Improved Aid to help with the BYA Wisdom check. He used his Unarmed Strike (upgraded to Fire) and a two blessings. Ezren played Orb of Storms. When Ezren played Orb of Storms, 2d4 were added. When I clicked back on Sajan, 2 more d4s were added. When I clicked back and forth from Ezren to Sajan it kept adding 2 more dice.


I've had it in other scenarios too and with other orbs, so I don't think most of that info is super relevant. I'll take better notes the next chance I get.



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