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Losing Characters After Account Syncing



I linked my Steam OS (main) to my iOS account. I was under the impression that my old iOS will be deleted. But it is not. And because of the 24 character limit several characters on my main save was deleted.


Furthermore, all my main save characters have been renamed with the "1" behind their names. It's unsightly. But since renaming is so severely bugged I dare not go back and change them, after my last brush with the delete/duplicate bug.


How can I restore that? I want my old save to be completely erased.

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Hmm... Most likely not possible the recower, because you have more characters together than is possible to have after the merge...

The renaming characters should be fine. I have done it to my all characters.

If this can be rewerted, you have to unmerge the accounts, reduce the combined characters to Lets say 16 or less and then merge again. Not sure if it can be done, but you should contact the support directly. There can be quite a long delays, because it seems that personnel has been cut to even smaller than before...

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