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What does PotD exactly do?

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I know it makes enemies have better defenses and more accuracy, but i was unable to find the actual details and id assume someone here knows more. Seems like there are more enemies in encounters and i remember reading that enemies also do more damage and have extra DR.

Is the PotD modifier a buff that is automatically applied to every enemy, or do different enemies have different bonuses? I mostly ask all this just out of curiosity, but also a bit because id like to know if there is a set DR bonus for everything so i know to use stuff like vulnerable attack to keep low dmg weapons from not being useless.

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In Path of the Damned difficulty, encounters have many more enemies.


Enemies also get +15 Accuracy and +15 to all Defenses. They can use abilities/spells on PotD which they don't use on lower difficulty levels.


Afaik DR is not changed.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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As far as DR is concerned, you want to have as many DR reduction abilities as possible regardless, or just look for way to deal different types of damage.


PotD enemies also tend to go after squishy characters regardless of the presence of a tank, at least if they can - they won't wade through an army of summons to do it, for example, but if that squishy character tries to get within a few feet they'll happily abandon their current targets to go after him/her. It helps to have all your characters have some sort of defensive/panic button setup.

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