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Finished ad 6 all on legendary level but no blue dragon in my vault



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If the app isn't immediately granting you a reward card, then the server usually takes care of that when you restart the app.


If an app restart isn't doing the trick either, it means that there's an issue server-side.  If this comment is any indication, at one time a server issue was identified, and a fix occurred.  Maybe during the Goblins update a regression happened and an old script went active again.  (?)


Anyway, the next app update is probably coming pretty soon.  Aside from whatever bug fixes that may get rolled into the patch, it is often accompanied by a few updates on the server.  If you don't hear back from Obsidian support, check again sometime after the Valeros DLC goes live in the coming weeks (?).

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Hi there,


I replied to your email. It seems you have not completed Scaling Mhar Massif yet in legendary. It might be a syncing issue, so I've granted the card into your collection. Sorry for the delayed responses. I have to double as programmer / customer support and we're preparing something nice for you all soon ;)

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I could see three ticks on Scaling Mhar Massif and I remember that I have defeated it on legendary level(it stays in my memory due to its difficulty XD) Anyway, I will play it again with my new party.


Thanks for all the help. I love this game yet sometimes its buggy nature could be quite frustrating.


Looking forwards to the next patch

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