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Dualwield Fire Priest. Stats distribution question.

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Hi. Can anyone help me with stats distribution? PotD.


I want to make Magran DD priest with dual swords - Whispers of Yenwood and Shame or Glory for most of the time.

I presume to get those talent for +10 Acc for swords and arquebuses on lvl 2, then as usual (Scion of Flame included)
+ Firebrand as backup weapon for enemies with high slash and pierse DR (this sword will also get bonus +10 Acc and Damage bonus from SoF)


One question - i boubt with stats. As for now, i want something like:

MIG - 16

CON - 6-7 (+3 from Fulvano's Boots and Whispers of Yenwood from lvl 3 = 9-10)

DEX - 16 (+1 from Devil of Caroc sacrifice, maybe)

PER - 14 (+1 from Liengrath, later)

INT - 17-18 (+1 from Liengrath, later)

RES - 9 (+1 from Liengrath, later)


My main question about Perception: of course, i will take Lilith Shawl or Cape of Excavator from WM 2, Liengath bonus and this stat will be finally about 18-19. Not sure about usefulnes this in late game - becose spells have enough acc anyway + i can easily buff my accuracy to +30, as i reach lvl 7.

Maybe RES or CON will be better in this case?

I'l be grateful for any thoughts and suggestions.

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