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The individual that decided the stash size on console (xbox one) should be capped at 2 pages (it actually caps at one, with a little overflow into two) should have their head examined.

They have hands down made the console version more tedious and tiresome with this cap. It will bleed over into mid (and maybe late) game due to amount of gold earned from diving.


First official outing I take my party on, not even half through and I discover the inventory and stash are full.

It then takes three button clicks to destroy one item. And you can't press those buttons too fast or it glitches over an action.


Frustrating last little bit of gameplay to say the least.


Really solid port other than that, so far at least.

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I haven't had enough equipment to reach this cap as I sell all duplicates and not very far into the game. Do we have other storage options for items. If we drop something in a chest, will it disappear?


I'm a horder so don't plan on using most the items. Just like to collect them all.

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You have nice chests in the lodging part of your stronghold, with a separate room for almost all your party members.


And in one run I filled the shelves in my library with all the collected books, sorted by series. I can be kind of compulsive that way.


Lots of places there where you can collect all your stuff in a realistic way :geek:

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It's 100 spots in stash.

And I do sell after every trip out.


I just don't see it as enough space.

If you're diving deep under your stronghold, you're going to fill thone bags up before you need to come up for air.


They don't have this cap on the pc.

They have this cap on xbox.


It makes the game experience more tedious and tiresom.

I can play around it, but was very frustrated when I discovered it, so wanted to vent to the interwebs.

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