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I'm new on the forum, and was searching the forum to seek out any posts/collections about information pertaining to unique dialogue and banter. 
Because Pillars of Eternity is such a dialogue heavy game, I was very surprised not to find anything quite like what I had in mind.

I personally participated a lot in this thread, which is for Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition on Beamdog's forums, and while I'm not very active neither here nor there, I'd like to hear if anyone else might be interested in helping collaborate such a project.

I think it would be interesting to document where there are chanced to encounter unique and interesting dialogue.
Someone has already made a comprehensive list showing how many unique choices there are per class/race/culture/etc., but the actual choices themselves do not appear to be well documented anywhere at all.

For now, I'll be happy to continuously edit this post to include new entries below.
Those who would like to help me, please post on what map the dialogue appeared on, whom the dialogue appeared in conversation with, what the dialogue option seems to be pertaining to (was it a paladin dialogue, a might dialogue - etc.) and if relevant, what your stat was - and do let us know what happens as a result of using the unique dialogue, and possibly how the story turned out differently (by attempting non-stat dependent dialogues).

I'll try to add my own findings here too, as I am starting a new play-through soon.

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Sure, you could count me in. That's one of my main areas of interest for any role-playing title. Incidentally, I've been taking various relevant notes on my current playthrough with something similar in mind, but it's still going to take me weeks - if not months - to properly finish it anyway.
It would be nice to have a handful of people sharing their findings. I've also done my forum/web research back in the day, and while there are some useful pieces of info here and there, it's all very loosely scattered.

It's also worth mentioning that a good chunk of "special" dialogue in Pillars (as it pertains to attributes, races, classes, backgrounds) isn't particularly hidden or easily missable, purely because we have this wonderful ability of enabling dialogue qualifiers through the options - something almost no other cRPGs of this kind offer. What isn't readily shown, however, are triggers that appear only during NPCs portions of conversation, or reactions related to various disposition levels. Doing certain quests in a certain way can also result in missed opportunities. And finally, companion interjections/interactions are sometimes mutually exclusive with one another, aside from not being too apparent. 

P.S. It should be noted you picked the wrong subforum for this type of thread, as the Stories section would be much more fitting (it also sees less traffic on average, so your post wouldn't drop off the first page as quickly). Might be worth pinging a moderator to have it moved.

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Great! I've been wanting something like this. I think if compiled cooperatively it would be much too large for one forum post though, no? Even with spoiler tags per category. But perhaps. 

Shall we make a format guide for those who want to contribute? Something like:

Tag: (i.e. [Cipher], [Aumaua], [Philosopher],etc)
NPC: (i.e. Lady Webb, Durance, Hylea)
Choice: (i.e. What dialogue choice led to this unique reaction)
Result: (What text was in the reaction)

Keep in mind that many of these are hidden, that is, that they are sometimes not indicated in the dialogue choice itself but just pops up during regular conversation without the need to pick a unique choice. For example, the Aumaua smith in Gilded Vale who has a reaction to you if you are also Aumaua when you talk to him which is not dependent on picking a particular conversation option.

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I think the reason that there isn't a thread for this is because these days people can look directly into the game's code and fish out all the "unique" dialogue for each character/race. I mean, you guys are welcome to knock yourselves out, but there's an easier way ;) 

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