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Is it once per encounter?   Currently I am level 9 so I cannot see and the Wiki wont tell me. I am running more of a smite Paladin this time around he's a Quick Switch Alpha Striker (Island Aumua) and will Also carry St. Yedwin as a fourth weapon (Marking Weapon + Outworn Buckler, 2x Arbalest and St. Yedwin) so I will have instant destruction for vessels.  Abjuration will give him another ability in his arsenal to smite spirits and either gib them or damage then heavily.  That will give me two instant destructions of some dangerous late game enemies.  Granted it does nothing against dragons but would be useful in the Alpine Dragon fight.

Have gun will travel.

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It's 1 use per encounter. The spirit has to be of lower level than you in order to get destroyed. Else it only gets 65-75 (base) raw damage (like Redeemer basically).

It's nice against stuff like Battery Sirens - but of course it's a quite circumstancial ability. If you take this you could also take Ghost Hunter, Sanctifier, the Redeemer and the Bartender's Ring and be the party's dedicated spirit- and vessel-killer.

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