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Daily Challenge Gold Lost



Today's Daily Challenge ended about a 1/2 hour ago.

I had completed the challenge last night.

I could not pick up the 100 gold.

I wondered if I had to wait for the time to end. (This was about 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm tonight.) So I figured I would just play a game and pickup my gold afterwards.


What's the deal?

How do you pick up the gold when you have ACCOMPLISHED the Daily Challenge???!

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I do not know what happened to you, but daily quests award the gold coins usually at the same time they are completed. For me in Android, a graphical glitch appears sometimes, seemingly giving me larger amounts of gold than it should. For example I have 235 gold coins. Finishing a daily challenge should give me e.g. 100 gold, but the client sometimes shows me graphics of gaining gold with "100 gold added to a 347 gold (actual amount was different)" even though I have 235 gold :)

So, unless you encountered a bug, the gold coins were given to you automatically with no input needed from you.


The weekly challenges (finish 3 daily challenges during a week), however, are not finished automatically and they just "hang" in the second tab of the Challenges menu, waiting to be collected manually. I do not know why such a different behaviour originated, but whatever.

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What have other players experienced? Curious.


Daily challenge gold has been auto-rewarding correctly for a long time.


Sometimes the UI flakes out and may not show your progress or reward correctly, but once you complete the challenge, the server should have added the gold on its side of things.

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