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Lilith perception check

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Background is in an old thread, so not going to necro :


Basically , My little Naasitaq ranger has a base of 16, +1 for race and wearing a necklace of +2 or cape +3 (findeable nearby) giving Perception 19 is not triggering the 17 requirement needed in dialog. Is this a bug, in this script, or me not understanding the checks system?

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I assume the Naasitaq ranger is your main character. Because those checks only use the main character's values.


If your main char's PER is 17 or higher the check should work (if it requires a value of 17). Your other party members will not contribute anything to this check. Items' bonuses like the one from Lilith's Shawl will work. Resting bonuses, temporary buffs from food, prostitutes or spells (if there's any that lasts outside of combat, can't remember) will also apply. Basically your PER value at the moment of the dialogue counts - no matter how you achieved it.


What exactly do you want to achieve with the perception check? Because the PER check will not solve this encounter peacefully. It will just give you hints. Even if the PER check doesn't work for some reason (bug or whatver) you don't need it to move forward peacefully.


To solve the encounter without fighting you have to read the logbook that you can find in the same room, then go to the woman who gave you the quest (Niah). She's waiting for you right outside the lighthouse. After that go to the Charred Barrel (upstairs) in Brackenbury and talk to Maerwith the pirate captain. Then return to the lighthouse and talk to Niah again.

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